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America Anew

Always striving for a new America

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This community is for the open-minded, multi-view tolerant discussion of American poltics, domestic and foreign.

If you do not adhere to common sense and general civility, you will be asked to leave.

On the other hand, free speech is cherished here, and, as long as conversation and posts remain at least polite, you are welcome to post your opinion. If you are asked to support your opinion, please don't get defensive. Everyone should seek to support themselves or at least concede when they don't have support. Take it as constructive criticism and seek to build a stronger arguement.

That said, this community welcomes with open arms all interested in American politics, regardless of party affiliation, spectrum stance, religious affiliation, gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality (yes, even "foreigners" are welcome to offer their views) or age.

"I am a human being: nothing human can be alien to me."
~ Terence

I guess all that's really asked is that you try to get along. It's a lot to ask sometimes, but remember: on some level, you have some kind of common ground with every other poster in this community, whether you know it or not. This community emphasizes equality. Hateful discimination of any sort is grounds for banning.

Have fun.