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Did anyone ever take statisitics???

Today, I saw in the news that it is being claimed that, according to the polls, the job approval of the president and congress has gone down 6-7%. The punch line? At the bottom of each poll there is two words and a number: "Sampling Error= 3.5%" That means that the numbers are the same. I think the numbers were something like 49% last week and 43% this week. With and error of 3.5%that means the first number can actually be as low as 45.5% and the second number can be as high as 46.5% Its hilarious. You learn this in basic stats and even the basic physics series. Analytical chemistry. Forensics. I would be laughed out of an ACS meeting if I claimed that two values were significantly different with those error bars. Heh. Fools. I think people should have to have a license before they are allowed to use statistics.
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