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Two year technical institutes

Tonight (and I know David doesn't like it but I see it as better than most media) on 6o minutes the did a report o the career colleges. You know the ones, where the people pop up during day time television talking about their cool new job and ask if you would like it. And they tell you how to get it, just go to their quick 18 month program and they will place you in a "new and exciting job." I have always had a small problem with most of these snow job places, they try to put education off as some sort of chore and not an exciting and invigorating process when done properly. Now, they feed on some true things about many four year institutions. Many colleges force unnecessary course work on their students for no good reason. However, there is still no harm in forcing yourself to expand your horizons beyond your field that you have probably picked either because it was easy, leads to a high paying job, or both. All three of which are stupid {and I don't just mean "Hey, let me try this 3 month old bottle of milk" stupid. I mean "I wonder what happens if I cover myself in animal blood and jump in a tank filled with alligators, crocodiles, and sharks" stupid}. Education should always be undertook almost as a Jedi, martial artists, or well, a student of the renaissance. They would study under someone. They tried to learn all they could in some field, and in the renaissance, some studied in many fields.

Now, I have gotten off topic... somewhat. what was reported in the article, was the fact that many of these business... oops, I mean institutions, don't live up to their promises. In fact, they actually lie about their school statistics {against federal regulations that determine their eligibility to be a federal aid accepting institute} on job placement and graduation rate. In fact, their admissions representatives, actually had no administrative back ground, and were, in fact, glorified salesman. As one of explained the process, it came off as a car lot where if the lower salesman cannot make the deal, they send out his boss, and then the bosses boss, until they get this student enrolled, or in actuality, sell this student their car. The supposed degree program is the car, and the lease is their signature on the federal aid form. The article went on to send out an undercover reporter, to try to enroll in several institutes with what the salesman called the two of the real requirements to get in: "a pulse and the ability to sign your name" At one institute for medical assistants, she tried her best to no get accepted because they claimed to only accept those who meet a certain requirement. She told them she had a low GPA, took five years to pass High school, and smoked pot. She also mentioned that she couldn't stand the sight of blood. she then failed their "entry exam" and she was asked to take a new one. Now, I wasn't quite clear on this, but I think she failed it again, but they then came back and reported that she had passed. But I could have mis interpreted what she did for the second test.

Am I insulting someone who wants to just learn a trade? No, I think if you can find a reputable institute that truly can teach you and place you in the position it claims it can, and the money that you will supposedly make, will pay off your loans, then by all means, learn a trade. But, it may actually be cheaper and just as affective, to take general courses at a junior college, to keep your study skills up, keep a part time job to pay for living expenses, and learn from books you check out rom the local library. For the most part, the human mind can teach itself many things. But, I could be wrong. But I think the three girls who graduated from Brooks Fashion design school, "where they could learn skills that can get them a job with Armani", would agree with me. {They currently work at cell phone company, a T-shirt store, and unemployment, respectively.

1) All of my information, other than my opinions and general knowledge, came from the article which aired tonight, 30/01/2005, on 60 minutes.
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