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The Complexities of the Volunteer Military or Resistance is Futile

60 minutes had an article on it. A small Seattle news paper had an article about it. A new flux of people resisting war by heading to Canada but times have changed. You see during the Vietnam war, people were fleeing a draft that they felt was unfair. They did not want to go to war. But this time around we have soldiers who accepted money and support in getting an education in exchange for service at time of peace or at time of war. This is not draft dodging this technically called desertion. However, the military isn't acting the saint in some of these cases. While some people are deserting others are facing illegal recalls to active duty. Many have their honorable discharge papers and have been called back up to service and when they call asking about the letter they are told by the administration that they currently have no record of discharge. In fact they even suggested that he come to the fort sign up and then they would straighten it out. In other words they would deal with it after he reenlisted... after which he would be there's. The person is currently not going back and has said that they will have to come and get him. These are interesting times.
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