but i'm [pretty] when i [lie] (l_c_and_s) wrote in america_anew,
but i'm [pretty] when i [lie]

Because I'm Sick of David's Bitching.

I didn't get to vote on this year's election. My birthday follows a good two months and 16 days after, so as usual, I used my mother as my extended vote.

I do not associate myself with the two party system. When expressing my views on both Kerry and Bush, a friend of mine askd me that if I had a gun pointed to my head, forcing me to vote for either of them, who I would vote for. And I said I still would vote Nader.

but why would I do that? Would I want another 4 years from Bush? A vote for Nader is a wated vote. This is the opinion of a massive amount of Americans. Which is hilarious, given the fact that whenever I ask people why they're voting for Kerry, instead of Nader, it's always answered "Because he'll never get any votes."

Not "I disagree with his political view points."

That strikes me as endlessly interesting.

I mean, do you not listen to your most favorite band just because it's not played on the radio?

It's the worst reason ever. Obviously if nobody was going to stand for their viewpoints, then nobody would vote for him.

Which is one of the many reasons why I hate American voters. They obviously have no fucking idea what they're doing.


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