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Hi. *wave*

I made a deal to join this community (thank you David) so maybe my lack of political intelligence will change because of this experience.

My name is Ida. I live in Knoxville, Tennessee but am formerly of Bloomington, Minnesota. I am going to be eighteen in two days.

it made me very angry that i was turning eighteen twenty days after election, but looking at the poll results i don't think that my vote would have helped MUCH though i'm not saying votes don't count.

My vote would have been for Nadar. Although I have been told that his politics were not well prepared at all and this I have to agree with.

Someone very good at talking said that she appreciated Nadar because he seems so much like a real person. He makes less than $40,000 a year, rides a bike nearly everywhere, uses public transportation for everywhere else, owns one suit and lives in a one bedroom apartment. Of course this doesn't say anything about his politics.

I would vote for him because he is for the things I support. None of this war shit.

Anyway. Those are my politics. There is not much to them. I might be getting my facts all fucked up but..that goes to show you how much I listen to the news and read about politics.
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