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Well, here we go again.

There was a guy who tried to sneak into the hospice of Terri Schiavo with bottled water. Thankfully, he was caught because he would have drowned her since she cannot voluntarily consume water, thus her passing away from thirst. If she could drink from a bottle of water, we wouldn't even know her name or be talking about this. Another anonymous person called in a bomb threat o the hospice. If Terri Shiavo dies so does everyone else. They never found any explosives.

I saw a clip of a one of the right to life people outside her hospice tell the right to die people that Jesus hates them. I am saddened more than the Valar as they witness the treachery of the Sons of Feanor has they slaughter their own kin and went into exile from Valinor back into Middle-Earth.

I saw a clip of Michael Shiavo's lawyer give some silly speech about dying with dignity. Please, unless you are calling out the Dark Lord Morgoth from the pits of Angband, and deliver seven blows and chop of his foot, you do not die with "dignity" or "honour".

I keep going to the yahoo message-boards about this and my brain has imploded several times by the sight of the most ignorant people I have ever seen. Of course, this whole issue has been about ignorant people: Michael Shiavo, the Schindlers, Right to die orgs, right to life orgs, the guy with the water bottle, the Jesus hates guy, the people who put red duck tape on their mouth (Because that had to hurt to take it off, especially if they had a mustache), the kid in the back row who failed algebra, Elmo, the Rugrats... well some of those were just ignorant despite not having anything to do with the situation.

In other news, the Mayor of L.A. says he should be elected because he can solve gang violence by creating an injunction. Yes, by making a law against people who break laws he will stop them....
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